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  • X-EXE  1)   X-EXE 1.7
    X-EXE is an easy-to-use, but powerful program for encrypting and protecting your data. With X-EXE, you can encrypt files of any type using secure RC6 algorithm. Besides, X-EXE supports steganography.

  • GuardMax  2)   GuardMax 2.0
    Entering and managing security sensitive data in GuardMax is a breeze in a elegant user friendly environment.

  • Active CHAOS  3)   Active CHAOS 5.0
    Active CHAOS is the utility program for safe interchange of the information

  • Advanced NT Security Explorer  4)   Advanced NT Security Explorer 2.0
    A program for Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 2000 and XP system administrators for finding holes in system security. It analyses user password hashes (being retrieved from Registry, memory or remote computer) and tries to recover plain-text passwords.

  • Access Password Recovery Master  5)   Access Password Recovery Master 1.0
    This password recovery tool helps the user to recover lost or forgotten passwords for the MS Access database files (*.MDB) and user-level passwords stored in the workgroup information file (*.MDW).

  • Ardorsoft Privacy Guard  6)   Ardorsoft Privacy Guard 2.0
    Powerful encryption function, 448-bits encryption. No backdoors, no password stored.Compressing with high rate while encrpting. Built-in file shredder. Complete deletion of data. Integrated with Windows Explorer. Drag and drop support.

  • EXE Protector  7)   EXE Protector 2.03
    EXE Locker password protects any program currently residing on your hard drive. An attempt to run a program that's locked down will result in a dialoge box launching asking for the password.

  • Password Safe and Repository  9)   Password Safe and Repository 3.43
    Password Safe is a professional and comfortable solution for managing your passwords and TAN-Block´s. Features: auto. password entry, macros, TAN administation, password generator, network and multiuser support, own categories, fields and dialogs

  • Folder Guard Classic Edition  10)   Folder Guard Classic Edition 7.3
    Powerful security and access control utility for Windows Me/98/98SE that lets you hide or password-protect files and folders, as well as restrict access to other resources.

  • CryptoBlocker  11)   CryptoBlocker 1.9
    RascalPro enhances your dial-up session management and keeps your connection alive by simulating network activity and restoring the connection if it is lost. Other features include session scheduling, batch processing, file logging and time tracking.

  • Advanced Office XP Password Recovery Pro  12)   Advanced Office XP Password Recovery Pro 2.42
    Recover lost/forgotten passwords to documents created in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, Project, PowerPoint, Visio, Money, Backup, Mail, Schedule+ (up to Office 2002/XP). Can also reset MS Internet Explorer (Content Advisor) password.

  • File Execution Lock  13)   File Execution Lock 1.0
    This shareware allows you to encrypt/lock, decrypt/unlock files and folders, based on your needs.

  • IMSurfSentinel  14)   IMSurfSentinel 2005.5
    IMSurfSentinel is spy software that allows you to secretly monitor and control Intenet and computer use. Spy Software that logs instant messenger, browser and keyboard activity. You can also record screen shots of all activity at set intervals.

  • Auscomp Fort Knox  15)   Auscomp Fort Knox 4.0.13
    Total Security & Convenience With Auscomp Fort Knox, you can securely encrypt & store anything ... with state-of-the-art 448 bit confidence! Protect all your PINs, passwords, accounts, documents, images, programs, spreadsheets etc.

  • Total Text Security  16)   Total Text Security 1.0
    Total Text Security can be used to secure any text (in an e-mail, instant message, or in a file). This application is easy-to-use, powerful, and usable with programs of any type. It can protect your data with passwords or RSA keys(as used by PGP).

  • LockGear Enterprise  17)   LockGear Enterprise 1.01
    LockGear Enterprise is a powerful and easy-to-use software utility that allows password protection of your system from unauthorized access when you are off your workplace.

  • Advanced ICQ Password Recovery  18)   Advanced ICQ Password Recovery 1.01
    Advanced ICQ Password Recovery (ACQPR) is a program to recover lost or forgotten passwords to ICQ accounts (stored in local ICQ databases, *.DAT). All passwords are recovered instantly; ICQ versions 98a through 2000b are supported.

  • Folder Password  19)   Folder Password 2.1
    Folder Password Expert is a software program that lets you restrict access to the folders containing your sensitive data. Secure your documents, prevent people from viewing, printing, or altering them.

  • Deskbolt  21)   Deskbolt 1.1
    Deskbolt is a highly customizable desktop locking program. With it you can deny access to your computer with a password, or limit access to certain users.

  • Winvestigator  22)   Winvestigator 2.4
    Winvestigator starts on boot, and runs undetectable in Windows capturing keystrokes, URL's, mouse-clicks, and screen shots to an encrypted log file (can be auto emailed). A web style interface and thorough help make it easy to use this powerful tool.

  • Eyes&Ears  23)   Eyes&Ears 1.8
    A surveillance video/audio surveillance application that supports motion/sound sensing with SMTP and FTP support

  • Secure-It  24)   Secure-It 1.25
    Secure-It is a local Windows security hardening tool, proactively secure your PC by either disabling the intrusion and propagation vectors proactively or simply reduce the attack surface by disabling unimportant functions.

  • Password Director  26)   Password Director 3.2.2206
    Password Director is a feature-rich password manager that provides a safe and secure way to keep all your passwords and sensitive records (such as PINs, private phone numbers and other sensitive records) in the single well-protected password database.

  • SignStation  27)   SignStation 2.00
    SignStation is an innovative application that lets you apply a digital signature , verify the digital signature on a signed file, encrypt and decrypt files and manage certificates, among other functionalities like email, hash, and file management.

  • [0]Zero Footprint Crypt  28)   [0]Zero Footprint Crypt 4.03.001
    Using the powerful blowfish encryption algorithm, the application can encrypt files and totally wipe the original file off the drive. The inbuilt viewers allow you to view many common types of files including movie, image and sound files.

  • Hiding CHAOS  29)   Hiding CHAOS 5.6
    Stego product for Windows with a CHAOS interface and a very large hiding capacity (~100% of carrier file).

  • CryptoSystem Personal  30)   CryptoSystem Personal 1.1
    CryptoSystem Personal is the tool to help you protect your data from unauthorized viewing. It combines easy-to-use interface and seamless Windows integration with the power of Advanced Encryption Standard.

  • Advanced Word 97 Password Recovery  31)   Advanced Word 97 Password Recovery 1.31
    Utility for recovering a lost Word 97 password. Write-reservation password can be recovered instantly. To get the password required to open the file, the program uses the brute-force attack, based on the options you set; and dictionary-based attack.

  • Xizzo  32)   Xizzo 1.2
    Xizzo is a secure password manager that protects data with enhanced Blowfish encryption. Xizzo's features include a user-friendly interface, an auto-logout feature for if you leave your computer, a customizable password generator, and much more.

  • Spyblocs  33)   Spyblocs 6.0
    Scans Memory, Windows Registry and All Drive for Dangerous Spyware infections. Removes over 90,000 Spyware, Adware, Trojans, Keyloggers, Spybots, and tracking threats.

  • SiteSentry  34)   SiteSentry
    Password Protect your Web site with this amazingly easy to use Java Applet. No knowledge of Java required! Customize Site Sentry to match your Web Site color scheme, Create up to 1,000 usernames and passwords, Add/ Delete/Modify and Sort users quickl

  • CHAOS Self Decryptor  35)   CHAOS Self Decryptor 3.9
    CHAOS Self Decryptorr is the program that creates self-decrypting chaos-files for Windows.

  • ClubControl  36)   ClubControl 3.3
    Internet cafe management / administration / billing system.

  • Innovatools Audit MP3s  38)   Innovatools Audit MP3s 1.5
    Keep your home or office computers and networks free from illegal, obsolete, unwanted or unneeded MP3 and media files and from viruses and trojans. Prevent RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) lawsuits against you, your family or company.

  • Screen Guard  39)   Screen Guard 2.0
    The Screen Guard software product is intended for personal computer (PC) protection and provides different security policies for different users. You can manage policies using the profile created for every user.

  • Internet Explorer Password Recovery Master  40)   Internet Explorer Password Recovery Master 1.4
    This password recovery tool designed for viewing and cleaning the secret data stored by Internet Explorer. This includes managing passwords for protected sites, user passwords on forms, Content Advisor password and autocomplete strings.

  • CoffeeCup Spyware Remover  41)   CoffeeCup Spyware Remover 2.0
    If you have downloaded music, files, or documents you could be infected with Spyware and/or Adware. CoffeeCup Spyware Remover will scan your PC and let you know if you have any files that are infecting your PC and remove them permanently!

  • Lockngo Pro  42)   Lockngo Pro 2.10
    Protects removable media such as USB keys and hard drives and SmartMedia

  • IntraMail  43)   IntraMail 2003.01.20
    Secure exchange of messages in a local network Intranet (Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP). The mail can be written or read from any PC easily. Every mail-account can be protected by a password. Personal messages are strongly encrypted.

  • HDD Password Protection  44)   HDD Password Protection 3.2
    HDD Password Protection is the program intended for restriction of access to a computer and protection of the information on hard disks from non-authorized access.

  • TermiNET  45)   TermiNET 2.0
    TermiNET program is an ideal security solution for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and home users who wish to connect to the Internet securely but do not have the resources to support a large security infrastructure.

  • Advanced Word 95 Password Recovery  47)   Advanced Word 95 Password Recovery 1.20
    Forgot your password required to open a document created in Microsoft Word 2.0, 6.0 or 7.0 (95)? Don't worry, this utility will recover it in less than a second. Most non-English versions of Microsoft Word are supported.

  • Cryptgine Windows Plugin  48)   Cryptgine Windows Plugin 1.0
    Locks files with unbreakable enncryption and securely erases (wipes) files. Uses the Cryptgine Security Engine to securely encrypt files using the latest encryption routines. The cryptgine security engine allows for the use of encryption plugins.

  • PC Record  49)   PC Record 1.0
    PC Record is a security tool that allows you to monitor your PC EVERY single minute it is turned on! This application makes a virtual copy of EXACTLY what is on the screen at time intervals that YOU decide.

  • Top Secret Crypto Gold  50)   Top Secret Crypto Gold 4.10.000
    Top Secret Crypto Gold includes Top Secret Chat and Top Secret Journal, along with file and e-mail encryption. Includes spell checking for e-mail, journal, and chatting. Free for personal private use. Commercial use requires an inexpensive license.

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